Arduino Calculator


Arduino Calculator

The motivation behind this project was to challenge myself with something new. Since I had never built an Arduino ATMega328P breakout circuit, I thought it'd be a good idea to try it with a calculator. The end result was a fully functional calculator.

The photograph on the right shows the completed calculator. Ideally, it would've been useful to mount it into some kind of enclosure, but I couldn't find anything. Maybe in the future, I can create a 3D printed enclosure for it.


The outcome is just a simple calculator. The keypad takes inputs from the user, these inputs are received by the microcontroller, which executes any necessary calculations. The output is displayed back to the user via and LCD display.


  • Battery Powered.

  • ATMEGA328P chip.

  • LCD Display.​

  • 4x4 Custom Keypad.

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