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DIY CNC Machine

Affordable & Accessible

Project Overview

This CNC Machine project targets individuals seeking a competitively priced, larger-scale CNC machine for their DIY needs. Many hobbyists and novice machinists find industrial machines prohibitively expensive. However, the reality is that, with a few minor trade-offs, you can construct your own CNC machine for a fraction of the cost. I meticulously designed this machine from the ground up using CAD, with the entire assembly process achievable using basic workshop tools, eliminating the need for welding. This approach empowers the project to have a more significant impact within the community, enabling others to follow suit.

Machine Specification

  • Machine Footprint (L x W x H): 1200mm x 930mm x 620mm

  • Frame: Solid Aluminium Plate (Bolted Together)

  • Working Area (L x W x H): 935mm x 620mm x 115mm

  • HGH20CA Linear Rails

  • SFU1605 Ball Screws (BK / BF12 End Supports)

  • 4 x NEMA 23 Closed Loop Motors

  • 2.2kW 24000rpm Spindle (Water Cooled)

  • 36V 800W Power Supply (Powers NEMA motors)

  • 24V 125W Power Supply (Isolated Electronics)

  • 8 x 'NPN NO' Proximity Switch.

  • M5, M6 & M8 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bolts.

  • Mach 3 Breakout Board (For inital testing, may change).

CNC_MACHINE v237.png

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Total Cost: £2,655.80

Download the parts list below, free of charge.

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Last updated: 16th Oct 2023


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