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I have started this membership program as a way for you to say thank you. In return for supporting me, you will gain access to even more valuable content.


I have created almost 100 free YouTube videos to date, and continue to upload on a weekly basis. A lot of time and effort goes into producing my content, this includes late nights after work, weekends, holidays, and time away from friends/family.


If you feel like you have benefited from my content, please kindly consider becoming a website member. By doing so, you are ultimately helping me pursue my passion.

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Membership Benefits

1) Access to my Fusion 360 Beginners course.

2) Access to original 3D/CAD files for my projects.

3) Access to members only discord channel.

Fusion 360 For Beginners

CAD Files & 3D Models

Your support is massively appreciated.

Thank You.

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