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How To Stack 3D Printed Face Shields

With the demand for personal protective equipment not showing any signs of slowing down, it is important that the manufactuing process is as efficient as possible. One of the ways to do this is to stack faceshields on top of one-another. Print stacking allows you to run longer prints overnight or throughout the day, maximising the output of your machine.

To help improve the efficiency of manufacturing, I have modified Prusa's RC3 faceshield design. With my modified design, you can now print 50 face shields from a single 1KG spool of PETG. I have been able to print a stack of 24 faceshields in 24 hours at 100% print speed, as opposed to just 8 with the original design.

I have recieved so many questions over the past few weeks asking how to create custom stacks of faceshields. To answer the question, I created the following YouTube video which explains everything you need to know:

(video available tomorrow at 5PM BST)

I also created another video which explains how you can also print face shields, and what resources you will need:

Recommended Print Settings:

  • 0.2 - 0.3mm layer height

  • PETG

  • 25% first layer speed

▶PLEASE read the guidance provided by Prusa:

Speak with your local healthcare workers to access the suitablity and safety of each shield to their particular requirements. Also remind them to sterilize the face shields before use.

I hope many of you find this post useful. Thank you for helping support our health workers during this difficult time.

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