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Renesas MCU Rally


Renesas MCU Rally Event

The objective was to engineer an autonomous line following car that would compete at the MCU European championship in Nuremberg, Germany. (more info:

The video below shows the car in the final round. In this final round, a total of 5 laps had to be completed. The car incurred just one penalty, which was a result of it coming off the track during the fourth lap.


This was a Masters level group project that required a clear understanding of various subject areas. My role in the project was lead programmer. I was responsible for the operation of the car. 

I am unable to share too much information about this project. Given that the competition is a yearly event, any progress made by our team cannot be shared with potential competitors.

However, there are some images of the event below, including some of our 2017 car. All images below are credited to Renesas Europe.


  • Entirely autonomous.

  • Servo steering PID control system.

  • Motor speed PID control system.

  • Differential output.

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